Saturday, March 15, 2008

Travelling with a baby

I forgot to tell you!

We booked a weeks' holiday to Tenerife and we leave next Tuesday...2 days to go!

I've used the same Travel Checklist I devised when Drew was a newborn, but how things change...I certainly don't need to take the expressing machine anymore! Phew!

There are many concerns about going on holiday abroad with your new baby...
  • How will Drew be on the plane...how do we keep her entertained
  • Will her ears hurt because of the cabin pressure
  • Will the baby cot be clean and safe
  • Will the hotel room be clean and safe
  • How many nappies do we pack
  • I MUST buy Drew some new clothes and for Mummy of course
  • My WeightWatcher 'Eating Out Guide' doesn't include holiday restaurants...what should I eat?
  • How will we look after Drew on the flight, when I'm petrified of flying and need to sit on Jerry's lap too
Well, I took some advice from the girls from my postnatal group and bought a few more travel-sized toys an will give them to Drew when we are on the plane so it's something new.

We're packing a pillow in our hand luggage for Drew to sit on and (hopefully) go to sleep on.

Most importantly, we're taking our portable DVD player accompanied by Sponge Bob Squarepants and the Night Garden troop. For Mummy, I'm taking Davina McColl's workout DVD and for Daddy, Davina McColl's workout DVD.

As normal, being ultra-organised, we're all packed already and its Saturday evening. We checked with Bristol Airport and they make exceptions on carrying liquids in your hand luggage if you have a baby which is great news. So, we're going armed with enough bottles in case there is a delay (picked up this valuable advice from watching Airport!).

I'm looking forward to the break, the warm-ish weather and spending time with Drew and Jerry, but I'm feeling a bit anxious about getting on the plane. I just hate the thought of something going wrong or someone blowing us up. I have a massive fear of terrorism on planes and although I have completed a Fear of Flying course with Virgin (and I have the certificate to prove it), I still have that little thing in me that looks around the plane like a meercat trying to identify the terrorist amongst the passengers so I can keep an eye on them. I even think about stashing my plastic cutlery in my clothing in case I need to use it to overcome a hijacker. I know its silly, but it COULD happen. Drew will probably be fine and I'll be the wobbly whimpering wet mess lying in the aisle where I feel its safer than near the windows, making my mind go to that 'happy place'. No diazapan for me this time. I'm being good because of Drew and I don't think it would be fair leaving Jerry to look after two big babies! I'll let you know how it goes, but pray for us!

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