Thursday, March 27, 2008

7-night Holiday Essential List

This is NOT a list of everything we took, but what we actually USED in the 7 days we were in Tenerife:-

1 x pack of 38 x nappies (a very close call!)
1 x box of 900g formula (this was only just enough for Drew feeding 6ozs every 3hrs)
2 x vests
1 x dress
1 x babygrow
2 x muslin cloths
1 x hat with neck protector
1 x pair baby sunglasses
1 x tube of spf50 suncream
6 x toys (inc. 2 x new toys)
2 x Colins (comforters)
2 x kids dvd's
1 x inflatable baby chair for the pool
1 x beach cabana tent
1 x blanket
1 x sleeping grobag
1 x travel first aid kit

and for mummy and daddy...
8 x paracetamols
2 x packets of Halls sore throat sweets
8 x rennies
1 x antihistamine
2 x eyemasks
4 x film dvd's (inc. the Davina McColl workout)

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