Drew's Little Gems

21st March 2010 
Drew was introduced to her very heavy piggybank this morning and proceeded to count the £1 coins (counting 1 thru to 10, but forgetting 5...she doesn't like 5 much).  After counting the coins, Drew fetched one of her books.  It happened to be a book which she had damaged by ripping the pages a few months ago.  At the time she ripped the pages, we told her she would have to use her piggybank money to pay for the repair or replacement.  So, after Drew had found the damaged book, she opened it up to a page which had been ripped and placed the coins along the rip and said "Money fix it Mummy".

30th March 2010
In the back of the car today, Drew was reciting what people in her family say to her.  She started with Grandad.
"Grandad - silly sasusage" (Grandad calls her a silly sausage)
"Nanna - horror" (Nanna calls her a little horror)
"Mummy - pumpkin" (I call her a little pumpkin)
"Daddy - just farts" (I don't think I need to expand on that one)

26th March 2011
Commenting to Jerry how I felt we needed to get the girls in line with the new British Summertime hour change that happened last night, Drew slowly moved over to me with a sad face and said "I don't want to go in the sink!"