Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walking! A bit...

At flippen' last!

Talk about bad timing though...

Tues is one of my non-working days, but as I'm such a 'keener', I booked myself onto a training course in London. Whilst stood staring at the train times on the digital board hung high up above me, my phone rang. It was Rhea, our friend and childminder. Drew was with her for the day whilst Mummy bettered her education.

Rhea was ecstatic. Drew had started walking. I think we both screamed together down the phone and I couldn't wait to get home to see her take some steps...however, my train wasn't due for a while and by then...Drew would be in La-La Land.

Anyway, Rhea said Drew had taken about 3 steps!!! 'HOORAY' I say, thinking through my smiles and tears...only 3???? Well...I suppose I can't expect her to walk with confidence all over the place...so I'm told....but I SO wanted her too!! So, I got home and yes, Drew was in bed but Daddy tried to get her walking and she was having none of it! Temperamental so-and-so!!

Officially and for the record, Drew took her first steps on Tues 7th April, age 17 months. Just narrowly missing a trip to the Docs to have her legs and feet checked over and having to have Forrest Gump splints tied to them...I joke, but Jerry and I were both wondering what would come next if she didn't start walking.

Since then, she hasn't stopped, hence my excuse for not adding this post until now!! See Drew in action below...