Friday, November 27, 2009

Johnny Vegas?

Is it me or does our new daughter look like Johnny Vegas?

Eeeek! I'm sure I would have remembered THAT!

Author's Note:
After reading this post, my Dad thought he'd do a little 'photoshopping' (see below...even MORE scarey)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


For reference, I started writing this post on 6th Nov. However, November has turned out to be a 'November Nightmare'! Both kids have been suffering with one illness after another. Two kids ill at the same time is tough and something I never considered when we were thinking about how lovely it would be to have another soft bundle of joy...what fluffy cloud in cuckoo land were we sitting on???!!!

So, today is 26th Nov and I think we're finally past the worst of it. Harriet is still a little snuffly and Drew did puke up (again) on Jerry last night, but she's not coughing anymore which is a massive relief.

Anyway, here's the original post...

We should DEFINITELY buy shares in nappies!!

Every day brings a new challenge, but today was one of THOSE days.

Summarised version so as not to bore you...
  • Day started well. Went to SureStart centre with Drew and Harriet
  • Harriet stayed awake and Drew had fun with her friends
  • Left early to visit the Doctors for 2nd time for Harriet as she has a nasty rash on her face and neck and the eczema cream prescribed two days ago only made it worse
  • Different Doc said it wasn't eczema but some kind of 'virus' and to monitor it
  • We've been monitoring it for a few weeks, so asked to be referred to a specialist, but Doc gave us mild steroid cream instead and if it doesn't go away by next week, they will refer us
  • Went home, gave Drew her lunch which resulted in her being put in the naughty corner twice for throwing cutlery and food (Barney the K9 hoover cleaned it all up, but that's not the point!)
  • Put Drew to bed. By this time, Drew has had 3 runny poohey nappies. Harriet lagging behind with 1
  • Drew took an hour to get to sleep, only to wake up an hour later having coughed so hard and woken up AND had another runny pooh and been sick
  • Harriet has only had 10minutes sleep by this time, having woken by Barney barking at a delivery man who rung our doorbell
  • The rest of the day is a misty blur of pooh, puke and tears!
Now you can see why I chose THIS title for this post!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Girl Swings

The title of this maybe somewhat misleading.

For those of you who typed in these exact words but were expecting to find the services of an overweight lady looking to share her 'time' with you and your partner, I would suggest you select another result from your search engine as I think you'll be sorely disappointed with this site.

However, as you're here, you might as well read on before you go though...

Recently, we went to visit my parents in Teignmouth. I won't bore you I promise!

We visited the children's play park located in the town centre where Drew was able to explore and experience the varied apparatus for her age group. Not forgetting to drag her minder around with her..."Grandad" of course.

Normally, Drew sticks mostly to the toddler swing and
small slides. But she also likes to sit and watch the other children play. She seems to have a fascination for this. Nothing wrong with that! Everyone does it...people watching!

Anyhoo...she had been watching some older children on the older swings. The swings WITHOUT a front and a back. Just a seat and two chains. Drew then decided she wanted to have a go. With her minder's assistance, she climbed aboard and held on tightly and was swung back and forth by an obedient Grandad (too obedient for his own good sometimes!!).

I know it's not much to write home about, but it did make me smile. Drew is growing up fast before our eyes. I'm sure she'll always like coming to the park though. Although ten years down the line, she'll probably be leaning up against the swings, carving her initials into the paintwork, smoking a cigarette (I SO hope not!) and using her blackberry to tell her friends how embarrassing her parents are for putting up photos (like this one below) onto the Internet. I'll just tell her Daddy made me do it!

For info...this is a photo
taken yesterday (17th Nov 09) just after Drew had asked to have a pooh in her potty and produced a wonderful specimen. She received a BIG gold star on her chart and a 'well done' sticker, plus the chance to flush it away, say 'by-bye' AND wash her hands over and over again. She doesn't know how lucky she is!!! The day before, she did the same, but it was more of a lonely malteaser.

Drew, if you ARE reading this and you're 20 years old. I'm sorry. But I obviously have too much time on my hands OR I'm just a proud Mummy. Which do you think???


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dirty Harry!!

Well, I took a photo of Drew's, so it's only fair Harry got the same treatment.

What do you think?

Sort of an 'army camoflage green' I think.

U R G H ! * ! ? * ? !