Thursday, March 27, 2008

Holiday Success!

Well we did it! We ALL survived the flight AND a weeks' holiday in Tenerife!

I highly recommend going away with a baby as young as Drew (4.5months). Not only is she FREE to fly and stay in the hotel, but we proved YOU can relax!

The new toys bought for the flight worked a treat and Drew did manage to sleep in our arms on the way over and on the return flight. We took advice and gave Drew some milk as the plane went up and came down to help with the pressure in her ears and as far as we could tell, Drew had no problems. As far as Drew knew, it was cold wet and miserable when she got in a small tin pot. She went to sleep and woke up in a warm sunny paradise, full of inflatable toys!

Jerry managed to organise a taxicab as soon as we landed. I don't think the driver noticed Jerry's honest attempt at speaking the local lingo as in his true 'Delboy' style, Jerry thanked him for the ride - 'Merci' he said.

Not having gone away abroad with Drew before, we had no idea how many nappies, clothes, etc to pack, so it was sort of suck it and see really. However, I kept a tally of exactly what we used for 7 nights away as a future guide. Check out our "7-night Holiday Essentials List" POST.

Previous to going away, we bought a pop-up 'Beach Cabana' with SPF50 protection (from John Lewis - ONLY £24.00) and BOY...were we the new kids on the block with that little innovation!

We were the only people who had one in the whole complex and there were over 3000 rooms in the hotel, aimed at old fogies, and families with children and/or babies. We set-up the pop-up tent next to the pool everyday and we stayed there from 8.30am til 5.00pm. We enhanced the beach cabana by installing a rope fixed to the roof (using the free sewing kit left in our hotel room...good eh?!) so we could hang Drew's toys from it so it would act like an activity mat like we have at home. With relaxing Air and Zero 7 on the ipod with mini-speakers, she definitely had 5* accommodation! Drew loved it and stayed in her pop-up paradise to play with her toys until she needed to have her milk. At that point, we popped up a poolside umbrella, brought her out, fed her, and then went for a swim. Drew would then sleep quite happily in the tent until she was ready to feed again...easy!

With Drew sleeping from 7am - 7pm already, our evenings were pretty much our own. Drew knew nothing of bring transferred from her cot in our hotel room to the buggy on an evening which allowed us to go out to the restaurants. Every now and again, she would open one eye, check out where she was, see us and just go back to sleep.

Drew had a few poohs on the flights and a massive runny green one on the way back and thankfully Daddy was holding her! It was so bad, he formed a nice neat single queue behind him whilst he sorted her out!

All in all, the weeks' holiday was a roaring success helped an awful lot by Drew...she's so easy...maybe I shouldn't speak too soon!!! Just to bore you, have a look at our holiday photos HERE.

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