Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jerry's 40th Birthday Party

Here it is...the night we surprised Jerry
with his SKA-themed 40th Birthday Party in Bristol!
Check out the short film below!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bad Blogger or Bad Mother!

It's been SOOO long since my last post - HUGE apologies! In fact, SO much has happened so rather than do loads of posts, I'll try to condense into this one. So I left you last time on Nov 5th. I had just gone back to work with a few hiccups, Drew had started with our childminder, Rhea and was just starting another teething phase. Since then what's happened I hear you ask?!! Well, Drew's had her 1st birthday (click here to read the post) and suffered with a cough and cold (twice) and teething. She's now eating normal food as well. I say 'normal', what I mean is she eats what we eat (less the added salt). She likes the odd dog biscuit every now and then, but only when she sees one of us has left the gate open to the kitchen and she spies it with her 'babygate radar' and makes a break for it at amazing speed. I don't think Barney's that bothered...he gets to eat what she drops on the floor which seems to be half her meals!!

We also had Christmas at my parents which was very relaxing...check out Drew's Second
Christmas post and photos here.

Enjoy and I promise I'll keep more on top this BLOG..unless there's no one out there???