Monday, March 26, 2012

Harri on the ladder on the success

Since my last post, Harri has yet again, astounded us all and has changed from the head turning demon girl from The Exorcist to little orphan Annie!! Constantly wanting cuddles and wanting to hold hands...where has Harri gone I ask myself and at the back of mind I'm waiting for that little switch to change back again...

It has happened...yet.

BUT...she still reminds us every now and again who's in

Tonight, as she has done for the last 3 nights, she has gone to bed with NO nappy. Just PJs. All through the bedtime story, one of the girls was parping like a good'un, but both (unusually) were in denial.

At the last minute, just before saying good night, Harri asked to have a wee and a pooh. We tried, but to no avail and had I left her alone sat on the toilet, the toilet roll would have certainly been unrolled and stuffed down the toilet.

So, back to bed we went. Kissed goodnight to both Harri and Drew.

Within 5 minutes, we heard those immortal words on the intercom.

"I've done a pooh".

Quite rightly, Drew tried to correct Harri on her tenses and verbs an
d said "No Harri, you want a pooh".

"No" Harri replied and you could hear the smile in her voice. "I've DONE a pooh".

I looked and Jerry and he looked at me. We both pushed eachother to go and in the end we both knew that if it were true, both of us would be needed for the clearup operation.

As we entered the Princess' laire, we all knew she'd dropped her kids off at the pool...whiffee or what!!??

Jerry carried her under the arms to the just-washed bright white bath mat in the bathroom and I looked inside her PJs to assess the 'kids at the pool' who had appeared.

Harri thought it was quite funny and took great pleasure in watching her Daddy holding his breath as he often does in these leakage situations. Of course, Drew HAD to get out of bed and assess the damage and provide us with her viewpoint on the smell emminating from the PJ region. As we always have wetwipes close to hand, it wasn't as bad as I had first imagined and within a few minutes, we had her all cleared up and ready again for bed.

As I carried back to the bedroom, I couldn't believe the smell was worse in the bedroom! I
suddenly realised that the inside of the PJ's wasn't all of it. There must have be more.

Pulling back Harri's bed cover, I held my breath this time and prepared for the worst...but there was nothing. Not a sausage...pardon the pun...but it stank!!

I asked Harri and I asked Drew...was there pooh I couldn't see? I turned on the light and there it was...carefully balancing on the 3rd step of the bunkbed ladder.

Now Harri sleeps on the bottom bunk, so how the rounded chunk happened to be all the way up there is a mystery and one can only imagine. Of course, the same thought crossed my mind at the same time as Drew...how Drew managed to miss stepping in this when she came down to assess the number two situation is nothing short of a miracle, but it was enough to
send Drew over the edge into histerics and asking both of us to check her feet.

Luckily for Drew, her feet had escaped the horror that was Harri's rather 'rotund deposit', but it still took her about 30mins to calm down but Harri managed to go off to sleep pretty quickly. Funny that!

Anyone read Horrible Harriet...you should...it's Harriet Hartell ALL OVER!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grey Stuff

I'm very black and white.

If I am presented with a challenge or face a problem, I will always search out the answer. Try everything to correct it. If I can't fix it, it annoys the bajeebers outta me! That's when I apparently need to accept not everything IS black and white.

Harriet certainly is NOT black and white.

I have held back completing and returning my Health Visitor toddler check form confirming all is well in the world of Harriet Hartell. Because every day is a different story.

You might be thinking she's no different from anyone elses 2.5yr old, but to me...she's unique.

She's driving me slowly insane again. She's back in nappies day and night because she thinks it's funny to pee and pooh anywhere but the toilet or the potty.

She continually taunts her sister, biting her usually leaving poor Drew with a bite mark. Drew always forgives her though.

Advice I have been given:
1. ALWAYS be in the same room as them to help prevent an occurance.
2. If you witness a potential biting, grab her arm and stick it in the way of her mouth so she ends up biting herself.
3. ALWAYS deal with victim first - lots of over the top snuggles and attention, whilst moving the biter away and saying "biting is wrong".
4. Don't make a big deal of the biting with the biter. Say - its wrong - leave it that. Whilst also remembering to get the biter to say sorry.
5. Leave her in nappies until she's begging to have pants again.
6. Go shopping for new pants for the older child so the younger can see whats she's missing.
7. Don't get angry
8. Don't hold a grudge
9. Make sure they are stimulated. Biting can sometimes come from bordem...not always though!
10. Make sure they play separately.

So, tomorrow I'm going to give this 10point list a go even though some of it sounds impossible.

Any other suggestions???