Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Holding the chains in both hands, I gently lent back, closed my eyes and stretched out my legs in front of me. Moving my head to face the sky above me, I could feel the warmth of the struggling springtime sun on my face and just then, the momentum of the swing gradually swung me forwards and ever so lazily backwards. I stayed like that for what seemed eternity, listening to the birds calling to each other, only just noticing the repetitive squeak of the rusty chains as I rocked back and forth. As I opened my eyes, I focused on the clear blue sky...still swinging forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards and then...



The beautiful silence broken by my beautiful daughter whose ever-developing vocabulary now features 'Zat?' of which we hear pretty much hourly. Also known as 'What is that?'

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dummies Fairy

'The Dummies Fairy' visited our house 3 days ago and guess what? Last night was the 3rd night that Drew has slept soundly WITHOUT a dummy.

Drew only had her dummy when she went to bed and we managed to wean her off relying on it during her daytime nap a few months ago, but the night-time sleep was more of a challenge!
I can't take full credit for this as 'The Dummies Fairy' is something that Supernanny, Jo Frost, recommends and states it has a 100% success rate...so it HAD to work!

Searching for 'Dummy Fairy' on the Internet, I could only find sites SELLING Dummy Fairy packs, so instead of spending money, I got creative and made my own and if anyone else would like to use MY Dummies Fairy Pack, you can obtain all the bits you need FOR FREE!! Simply add a comment to this post requesting the Dummy Fairy Pack FOR FREE, leaving your email address and I will send you everything you need.

My pack caters for both boys and girls and inside our pack is the following:-
  • The Dummies Fairy Fairytale
  • A letter from your child TO The Dummies Fairy
  • A letter from The Dummies Fairy TO your child
  • A Certificate from The Dummies Fairy TO your child (sample below)
Once you've received all the bits, you'll need to buy a Gift Bag, and if you want, buy some sprinkles of some kind (fairy dust!) to go inside the bag and then on a day when you've got nothing going on in the evening, read the Fairytale to your child in the morning. Then, together, read the letter your child is going to put in the Dummies Fairybag and get them to sign it (in their own way!). Put their letter and ALL the dummies in the Fairybag and together put the bag on handle of your back door. If you don't have a back door, don't despair, just use a door that's rarely used. This is so your child can't get at the dummies during the day! For the rest of the day, keep talking about how the Dummies Fairy will be coming tonight to collect your child's dummies and how GOOD your child is for giving generously to the Dummies Fairy so that other children can have his/her dummies. Keep reminding them that they are such a BIG girl/boy for not needing their dummies anymore and how exciting it will be when the Dummies Fairy comes.

By mentioning it throughout the day, there should be no surprises come bedtime and you can
refer to the Dummies Fairy bag, and their letter to the Dummies Fairy. It's up to you, but I also chose to let OUR Dummies Fairy leave a special present for Drew in the Fairybag (cuddly Waybuloo toy, colouring pencils and stickers) and mentioning the 'special present' to Drew also helped Drew get off to sleep. Come the morning, she found it in the bag after her first night going cold turkey. Her face was a picture!

We've let her keep the giftbag as it was a Peppa Pig gift bag and she will often play with it and say 'Fairies, dummies - all gone' without a care in the world.

Remember! Jo Frost says it has a 100% success rate, and if it doesn't work, it's because YOU, the parents' have given in or not followed the instructions. Good luck Fairy Helpers!