Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How do I get everything done???!!!*!*!*!*!*!

Get up
Dry & style hair
Clean teeth
Shoes on
and GO....

That's how it should be. No interruptions. No distractions. Of course, any Mum knows that our multi-tasking skills are tested to the max. when you have a baby and if you have more than one...well it doesn't bare thinking about at the present moment.

Jerry is lovely and calls me everyday and asks how I am, how Drew is and how my day is going. Lovely, but he also leaves me notes. Not love notes. Notes asking me to do things...if I have time. If I have time??????

if you have time, can you put a whole load of loft items on eBay...can you take the bathroom cabinet back to Ikea...walk the dog...collect my prescription contact lenses...fill the car with stuff from the garage and take to the dump...if you have time."

I found it difficult to explain to Jerry why I hadn't managed to get his 'little jobs' completed. And then would come the most annoying question ever...

"What have you been doing all day?"

Lucky for Jerry, I have learnt to control my fiery Scorpion star sign temper and rather than react to his typical wind-up question, I decided to keep a record of what I did in a day and present him with it. However, that proved too difficult and it morphed into a flowchart which has now been adopted as Drew's set of 'Baby Instructions' in case I ever decide to have a day off!

Check it out HERE and bear in mind...this is just the bare minimum and doesn't include the following:
  • Walking dog (which I do daily)
  • Ironing Jerry's work shirts (which I do weekly)
  • Prepare and cook meal (which I do daily)
  • Go shopping (which I don't do daily since my maternity leave pay has kicked in)
  • Put clean clothes away (which I do daily)
  • Dust & Clean (which I only do when we have VIPs)

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