Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby Puke

It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't wearing a v-neck jumper.

The creamy warm milk managed to slide down between my boobs and rested gently at the bottom of my bra and gathered into a nice neat puddle. That was when Drew's name came up on the display...it was our turn. Great timing.

As I walked from the waiting room to the doctor's room carrying Drew, I could sense the 'eau de lait' which was slowly trickling under each boob. It was surprisingly warm and if it hadn't been for the smell, I would have been not that bad.

So with my bra a little heavier than 2 minutes ago, I was seeing the Nursery Nurse so I could weigh Drew, just to check that she was on target. Whilst leaning over Drew on the floor, undressing her down to her Birthday suit, the curdled stream made its way back up and dribbled quite neatly onto Drew's neck.

What the Nursery Nurse must have thought initially is anyone's guess...but she said it was quite something that I was able to store Drew's formula milk in my bra and it kept it warm...just like breast milk! When I explained it was puke, her puzzled look said it all...'why am I storing baby puke in my underwear?'...

I was too tired to explain and as I made my quick exit, I'm sure I caught sight of her typing the word 'nutter' on my medical notes.

Anyhoo..Drew's weight is 13lbs 6oz (nearly 5months old)...probably a few ounces lighter than 2minutes ago anyway!!!

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