Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Will I ever stop peeing???


It's well known that when you're pregnant, the frequency of trips to the loo increase because the uterus enlarges. As the uterus is anatomically close to the bladder, there is pressure from the uterus towards the bladder. This pressure may increase and some women can experience a small 'leak' when they cough or sneeze...see!! That proves we can still multi-task even when we're pregnant. Get us birds eh?!!

So, the advice is simple and obvious: go to the bathroom often! This means that although you feel like you're full to the brim, most of the
time you'll pee about a tablespoon worth each visit which is SO annoying...especially if your toilet is very far away or upstairs.

Luckily, our downstairs bathroom was completed last week and I now take great pleasure having a pee without having to work out whether I'll make it there without a 'sneaky leak'.

If you don't have a downstairs toilet AND you're pregnant, I am advised that this is a real benefit once baby arrives, so you should seriously consider how and if you can get one installed. Don't let your partner tell you its not possible because the pipes have to go vertically upwards & therefore gravity won't allow. We did it and it works fine!

The unit itself has a macerator so it chops up the paper and no.2's, but that's it. Nothing else. My Dad knows more than anyone the results of 'foreign objects' being disposed of by accident and I do remember him having to take their en-suite toilet pipework apart to retrieve the 'objects' on more than one occasion...Mum's fault. Not mine. Nice.

Anyway, back to peeing frequently...

I've worked out (and my parents will be proud of this bit cos it shows my high level maths ability...ahem) that I remember the frequency of my toilet visits increased when I was about 10 weeks pregnant...30 weeks ago. From this stage, the average frequency of a toilet visit was, and still is, approximately every 2 hours and the amount of 'pee' is approximately 1 tablespoon...I know, it's SO annoying.

So...this works out, up to this point (40 weeks), I have peed 2520 times which is equal to 66.6 Pints or 8.3 Gallons!!


  1. Now just a minute! When our macerator had to be 'cleaned out' it was NOT my fault! It was the fault of the family who lived in the house before us. Although, judging by what was discovered in it, I am fairly certain that the lady of the house was to blame - not nice! (From Jewels' mum)

  2. Very funny...from your loving husband, Jerry. xxx