Friday, November 2, 2007

Bringing on labour naturally...

With 6 days to go 'til 'B' Day, I have been researching 'natural' ways which could help to bring on labour:-
  1. Eating curry
  2. Eating pineapple
  3. Bouncing on a birth ball
  4. Drinking raspberry leaf tea
  5. Nipple Stimulation
  6. Sex
  7. Walking
I have to say that I have tried No. 1 a few times during this week and during the middle of the night (Weds), I started to feel abdominal pain. I started to time the length and frequency of these pains. However, the third pain was quickly followed by a good old fashioned bottom burp...Doh!

Next. No. 2. Eating Pineapple. Hmmm...I guess they meant not tinned then?

Bouncing on the birth ball...No. 3...So, it took me a while to climb from the coffee table onto the top of the ball. I don't know about anyone else, but its incredibly hard to balance let alone bounce!

No. 4...Raspberry Leaf Tea...yep. Been doing that. Tastes okay. That's an easy one.

No. 5...This releases the oxytocin hormone and may help start labour. It's only likely to be successful if the cervix is 'ripe' and ready to dilate, otherwise it seems to help with the ripening process. There is no rule on how much nipple stimulation you need, or how often, to stimulate contractions...but I've set aside 2hours a day with Jerry...for the good of the baby of course!

No. 6...sex...yeah right! As if! That's what got us into this predicament in the first place and with SPD...I can't even remember where to start!!

Walking...No. 7...well I don't know about anyone in the same position as me, but I can't walk hardly anywhere because of the SPD symptoms, but IF I do go anywhere, I always predetermine where the toilets are first. It may only be a half teaspoon of wee, but...
i t f e e l s g r e a t !

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