Monday, November 5, 2007

Pins and Needles with 4 days to go

Well, this is a new one for me.

Pins and needles in my fingers and hands! Didn't know that could happen! It feels like I've been lying on my hands as they can go numb too, but it seems to happen even when I'm resting...weird!

Checked this out and apparently (as usual) it's quite normal. It's usually caused by fluid build-up around the wrists, which compresses the nerves that run to the hand muscles and skin, known as 'carpal tunnel syndrome' and tends to occur when there is also swelling in the ankles...

(stops to look down at ankles)

Great! I've got fat ankles too and didn't realise! Probably because I can't normally see them! I never realised going into this just how many symptoms are 'normal'. I haven't even mentioned the awful night-time leg cramps which can surprise you! Boy...they're painful!

Well, 4 days to go til 'B' Day. I have another Midwife Appointment booked 4 days AFTER my due date. This will be to check on the health of the baby and me (IF it hasn't made an appearance by then). The Midwife will also make an appointment at the hospital for me to be induced within 12 days of my due date. So...whatever happens...we will have a baby by 20th Nov!!! EEeeeeek!

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