Monday, November 5, 2007

Birthday, Noodles and Gloves

It was my birthday on Saturday, just gone. I was sort of hoping that my birthday would fade into the background with the arrival of Baby Hartell. But, to no avail.

Having said that, I had a great birthday and I'm living proof you can
have a fantastic birthday with nothing more than a foam noodle, Lamb Kleftiko, other people's fireworks and no alcohol! I started off the day with smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast IN bed - mmmm... then off to the local pool for a 'float'. It's the first time in months I've done any kind of exercise as the SPD restricts leg/hip movement, so I used one of the 'noodle' floats. I just hung there in the water, bobbing around whilst Jerry was my invisible protection field, stopping the kiddywinks from kicking too close and the underwater lane-swimming oldies from popping up beneath me.

Lunch was a complete surprise...brought to our house by friends, Lucy, Marta & Matt. A Greek theme...stuffed vine leaves, olives, feta cheese, cous cous & tomato salad and Lamb Kleftiko. Flippen' lush! They did a great job keeping it all quiet and an even better job preparing it all AND taking the lamb off the bone BEFORE we ate it so fusspot here didn't moan about the bones! Bless them!!

As it was Saturday, the majority of bonfire and firework parties were held that night, so we were able to gatecrash other people's fireworks from our landing window. It was great! Shame our dog, Barney, didn't think so.

I was spoilt with presents for my birthday too. A Sony Cybershot digital camera which we SO needed, a handbag (don't usually do them, but I'm always so behind with girly things...didn't get my ears pierced 'til I was 18...thanks Mum!). Jerry also gave me a pair of black leather (murdering) gloves and matching scarf. Not sure black leather gloves are the most suitable present to give your wife when she's 39.5 weeks pregnant, suffering with backache, leg cramps, pins & needles, hormone fluctuation, and a burning groin...

Lets hope he remembers...I'm always right!!

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