Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daddy Daycare

I returned from a very relaxing 4 days away and everything 'appeared' fine! Both Daddy and Drew are still here and all 'seems' well. First things first.

What happened while I was away?

a) No use of Calpol - well done Daddy!
b) Drew only slept an hour at a time during the day - poor Daddy!
c) Daddy didn't go to Waterbabies with Drew...Luckily for Daddy, I received a phone call from Waterbabies whilst away saying 'Waterbabies is cancelled...someone has poohed in the pool! However, even though I packed Drew's swimming bag with ALL essentials, Daddy didn't attempt it due to Drew not having much sleep - bless!
d) A bruise appeared above Drew's right eye. Her first bruise. It definitely wasn't there before I left. Apparently, Drew was sitting up playing and fell onto her DJ console (yep, she's a budding DJ). Or that's what we're telling Social.

Jerry did a fantastic job 'parenting' and although it must have been a bit daunting...4days and 3 nights on his own (I haven't even done that!), he rose to the challenge and even said he enjoyed it!

I was really happy to see both Drew and Jerry when I got back although while I was away, I totally switched off and was able to really relax and have a break. I did use the hotel's internet webcam to talk to Jerry and Drew on a couple of occasions which was quite funny. They could hear me, but I couldn't hear them, so Jerry had to use the universal language of mooning.

Overall, my trip and Jerry's single parenting stint was a roaring success. However, not wanting to send Jerry on a quick trip to Nagville, I didn't mention the state the house was in.

For at least 30 minutes.

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