Friday, July 4, 2008

Door Slam

I've worked out the perfect solution to diffusing a heated discussion/argument with your other half.

I'm great at slamming doors. Always have been. I have a lot of experience. Try slamming a door when you have an 8month old baby... The rubber door slam stopper child safety device on all our doors does its job perfectly, the door bounces off the frame with a soft thump. Guaranteed to bring a smile to you both!

For those of you reading this at work...Have you ever tried slamming a door in your office?

...with a door closer.

It doesn't really have the shocking effect you would get from a normal head-turning door slam...its more like a slow, controlled, smooth closure...not even a closure...more of a soft 'click'.

Thank goodness for health & safety eh?!

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