Friday, July 11, 2008

Daddy's in Charge

The 'I-never-thought-would-happen' has happened! Yes...I'm going on holiday and Drew is staying at home with Daddy! I'm not sure who I'm more worried about...

a) Drew - will she be good for Daddy? will she stay in her '2 naps a day' routine, will she sleep for hours like normal or wake after 30mins in a bad mood, will she scream with teething pain.

b) Daddy - will he think to change her nappy even if "she's only had a wee", will he plonk her in front of one of his deadly bloody PS3 war games while he saves the universe from his chair with his AK47, will he sit her up on the sofa and wonder how she got to the floor with a funny little bump on her head, will he even think to give her bath as "she smells okay", will he remember to walk and feed the dog, remembering to get both of Drew's legs through the baby harness, will he remember to turn the baby monitor on and not wonder why "she so quiet for Daddy", will he take her to Waterbabies or not even venture outside, will he change her clothes when she's been sick instead of wiping it away and leaving the dog to lick up the rest, will he remember to get Drew's lunch and tea out of the freezer everyday or choose to use the emergency jars...the one thing I am certain of...Daddy knows where the Calpol is.

I leave on 16th July and return on 20th (our first wedding anniversary). Remember to check back here to see what happened and what didn't happen! I don't even want to think about it!

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