Friday, August 1, 2008

Washable Nappies

It was one of the first questions my Mum asked me before Drew was born. Were we intending to use washable/ reusable nappies or disposable ones?

Initially, I was sold on using washable nappies, help to save the environment, etc. At one of our Antenatal Class, we were visited by some washable nappy tree-hugging lady. She was very nice and was keen to provide us with samples of the different types of reusable nappies. And BOY! There were LOADS! Although I can't speak for all the girls, I think none of us in the class knew what insert went with which nappy...which bit could be washed and which bit should be thrown. It was all too much information squashed into a short time and they should have realised we all had the beginnings of 'baby brain', so we couldn't take all the information in.

Needless to say, I think we are all using disposable nappies now, but we all did consider the other options. However, we all came to the same decision that although using reusable nappies may prevent further landfill rubbish, the amount of energy consumption from washing the reusable nappies on a hot temperature on a regular basis cancelled it out.

I did a lot of research on it too, but in the end, I was given some very good advice from another Mother. With your first child, you're all over the place. Sleepless nights, not eating regularly, and cleaning the house and washing is the last thing on your mind. Therefore, start off with disposable nappies, but either use a nappy-bin or just put No.2 nappies in a nappysac and No.1 nappies can go in the normal trash, saving the use of plastic bags/nappysacs.

This is what we did and still do.

However...Jerry, bless his cotton socks (from TKMAX), had one of his 'I should help out moments' and did a few of the household chores.

From upstairs, he brought down a whole load of washing to be done, shirts to be ironed and dirty nappies to be thrown away. That's a feat in itself as getting a bloke to think ahead and add additional tasks to an existing task (going downstairs) is virtually unthinkable...

To illustrate what I mean, when YOU go upstairs, do you think 'okay, I'm going upstairs, what needs taking upstairs and is there anything on the stairs waiting to go up and could be put away?'

Or do YOU think 'I'm going upstairs'.

Now I bet the women amongst you reading this do the first and I hate to say it, but I bet the blokes do the second. If I'm wrong, you're gay and in denial.

So back to the story...Jerry was breaking every stereotype in the book and was attempting to multi-task. GO JERRY!

It was great to see Jerry helping out and he was pretty pleased with himself when he finally sat down.

A few hours later, taking the clean washing out of the machine, I noticed a huge lump of white gel and what looked like toilet paper inside the drum and it was all over the actual washing. It was everywhere! I couldn't work it out.

When I asked Jerry, (get this!) he suggested I had left something in one of my pockets as he 'would never do that'. If I kept all the coins I found after washing Jerry's clothes, I could be sat on a beach in Hawaii!

We both pulled out the clothes, one by one, and all of it was covered by this really odd 'stuff''. It was then Jerry said 'I know what it is! It's Drew's nappies!'

I still couldn't work it out. Why would her nappies be in the washing machine? Straight away, Jerry asked me 'Why would you put her nappies in there?'

I thought about it for a few seconds, and I even started questioning myself and my actions, but those few seconds were all I needed to recollect WHO brought the nappies down from Drew's nursery...Jerry.

I didn't even need to say anything. He had a cheeky grin on his face which said it all. Just then, his face changed. He had remembered what was actually IN those nappies.

Needless to say, we washed the clothes a few times again.

So this story proves my point. MEN CANNOT SUCCESSFULLY MULTI-TASK.

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  1. I agree, the real nappy lecture at our antenatel class was too much. She was a hard selling old hippy woman made most of us decide to give up on real nappies before we even started it!