Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Top Ten Tips (for now!)

Here are TEN things no one tells you about BEFORE you have a baby!!

1. There are 3 MAIN different reasons why your Baby could be crying...
  • WIND
There are other reasons such as:-
  • I'm too hot, too cold
  • I've poohed my pants and its gone everywhere and I want you to experience the smell and texture of the contents of my nappy and let it linger under your nails for at least 3 hours
  • I just want to be held
2. Don't assume they want to feed ALL the time...if they've had a fill, let them suck on something else. With newborns especially, the need to suck is quite strong and sucking a dummy or as it's called in our house, "Colin The Comforter", can give them great comfort. It is suggested that "comfort sucking" can help steady a baby's heart rate, relax the stomach, and helps them settle...and amuse us in the process!

3. If you use Avent products, there is a number embossed on the teats indicating how many holes are in the teat which control the flow of milk. For example... 1 hole for newborns, 2 holes for 1 month +, 4 holes for 6 months. Or you can get a teat with a variable slot for 3 months +.

4. Feeding a baby double the amount before bedtime in the evening can help with letting them for longer! (That's a good one that is and it works!).

5. If you are breastfeeding,
ALWAYS have "Emergency Formula"
at the ready just incase your kahoonas
stop working and are empty!
You never know!

6. Aptamil seems to be the closest type of formula to breast milk and is recommended by Midwives and is much less creamier than other formula products.

7. Go to the Antenatal & Postnatal Groups. Even if you're the shyist person in the world, the support and guidance you get from the Community Midwives and Health Visitors is brilliant and you can swap stories and pick up some really good tips from the other mothers. You're realise you're not on your own!

8. Don't walk on eggshells around your baby. We were advised to let Drew sleep whilst we watch TV and listen to music so she gets used to sleeping around loud noise. This means she is less likely to wake up whilst at the slightest sound...even when Jerry comes back from a boys night out...drunk again!!

9. Don't be TOO eager to express to early on. I made this mistake and now my boobs don't know what they are doing. They're still as big as houses, but sometimes one is bigger than the other, sometimes more painful and lumpy. All in all...they are not sexual objects. They are a feeding facility which sometimes goes on strike!

10. If you choose to try formula whilst still breastfeeding, if you give your baby FOUR feeds consecutively from a bottle, the Midwives/Health Visitors say your boobs may give up producing the correct amount needed.

I should add that everything I write is just what I have found out myself. From my own experience. If you are at all concerned about anything, my advice is to speak to your Community Midwife or Health Visitor...and make sure they are nice ones!!

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