Friday, December 28, 2007

Updating my BLOG!

Yes. I know.

Regular posts is what makes a really successful BLOG, but can you honestly tell me you expected daily posts in the run up to Christmas...whilst I pretend I know what I'm doing? If any of you are nodding your heads, you can come and babysit!!

It's true what all parents say...

time goes quick so make the most of it. However, although that IS true, at the moment, I find myself wishing the time away so Drew gets into more of a routine.

Saying that, Drew is now 7.5wks and to think we can tease her into a routine and not expect 'the unexpected' is just downright silly. I said in my last post in November that Drew WAS settling into a kind of routine and she was, but little did I know that things can change...for no reason at all...


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