Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cough, Cough, Cough

I spoke too soon about Drew sleeping through for so long on my last post, 'Happy Slapper', me thinks!!!

For the last 2 nights, Drew's been coughing continually through the night. We'd forgotten what is was like getting up in the middle of the night. Being woken by an annoying cough every 30 seconds, shortly followed by a loud cry of help, pain and tiredness. The cough being Drew, the cry being me, Jerry AND Drew.

We tried everything as usual. Calpol, then 2hrs later, Nurofen, Calgel, Olbas Oil, raising the cot at her head end, Vicks on her chest, changing her nappy, giving her warm milk...everything. Both nights, she lay awake coughing for 4 hours. Poor little thing. We ARE so tired!

At 10.30am today, she had her mid-morning nap as usual. But this time, she slept 'til 2.30pm! I wish she told us...we would have gone back to bed too!!

Tonight, we thought we'd try something different. Something my Mum says she used to do when me and my brother had a cough. Instead of raising the cot at the head end, we raised the cot at her feet end...yep...guess what?

It worked! Well, it's 9.30pm and no coughing! So far so good! Maybe I've just jinxed ourselves again...ooops!!

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