Saturday, April 19, 2008

A whole new consistency!

Well the sweet potato and broccoli went down a storm! Drew munched down 2 x ice cube sized portions with very little coming back at all!

I totally forgot about the effect moving Drew onto solids would have...I mean apart from her sleeping better...I mean...in the toilet department.

I sort of thought her number twos would be more...what's the word... more... um... pickuppable... Is that a real word? Have I just invented it? On that note, I wonder what happens when someone invents a new word? Who do they tell? How do you get it registered? Anyone know? Worth looking into don't you think?!

So...yes...I thought her little dinner dumps would be more
"PICKUPPABLE*", but the only way to describe the consistency is that if you think of pate and then think of adding a bottle of wholegrain mustard...that's what it is like. Mustard pate. Not a nice thought I know, but it saves on the baby wipes as its not as runny as it has been lately. Drew seems to think its funny anyway. She always giggles when we change her nappy...probably cos' she knows what's in there!!!

Don't worry...I haven't added a photo of her new poohs, but I did manage to source a real image of mustard pate in a bowl which has an uncanny resemblance to Drew's baby bakerloo pooh. Enjoy!

(*copyright Julie A. Hartell)

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