Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Drew's First Accident

Or should this be titled - Mummy's First Accident?

I hate nail clippers! I never use them. I have never needed to use them seeing as I've got a good set of teeth that do a pretty good job of biting them.

Yes, my name is Julie Anne Hartell and I'm a nail-biter.

There I said it.

I've always done it and even though one of my primary school teachers, Miss Wall, put me in the nail biting club in an effort to stop biting my nails, I thought it was great to be associated with other fellow nail-nibblers who felt the same compulsion to stick their fingers in their mouth and munch away.

Back to the point...Nail Clippers. I don't like them because it makes my hair stand on end just the thought of the metal touching the nail. Its the same sensation you get when you put the silver wrapping from a kitkat on one your metal fillings (if you have any!) in your teeth...yeaow!!!!!

But part of the package of being a parent is that you have to cut your baby's nails. If Daddy refuses, its left to Mummy. So, I've been cutting Drew's nails since I've no longer been able to bite them when they were soft and paper-thin.

Just the other day, I cut Drew's nails as normal and then she started crying. When I checked, I had accidentally missed her nail and snipped the end of her finger....ouch! With the blood oozing out, Drew's tears and red face was instant...poor thing.

Course, we didn't have any plasters in our first aid cabinet, so I used micro pore tape and cotton wool. This worked fine and stopped Drew's tears and the blood. We all forgot about the little accident and went out for the day.

On our return, Drew was on her activity mat, merrily turning herself over and then calling to be turned back again, making her usual funny squeaks. It was only when I turned Drew over did I realise...the micro pore plaster had vanished.

Panic set in immediately and I searched frantically around the activity mat for the cotton wool and tape. Drew must have thought this was hilarious as she kept smiling and laughing...smiling...and...what was that?...did I see that right?...a quick flash of something white in her mouth?...Drew smiled at me again and there it was...the micro pore tape and cotton wool! Sitting on her tongue! I managed to scoop it out quickly and my heart-rate returned to normal. Phew! Close call! It's true...they put EVERYTHING in their mouths!

Which also means we'll have to start hoovering more than just when the parents come to visit, otherwise Drew will be sucking up all manner of things we leave behind!

On a more positive note, Drew is getting stuck into putting other things in her mouth (edible stuff!). We can add Pear, Sweet Potato & Broccoli and Butternut Squash to the list. She's not so sure about Banana which she had for the first time today...but I don't blame her...when all mashed up, it does look a bit like sick!

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