Monday, April 14, 2008


Yep. Drew is officially on solids.
We actually started solids with her 10days ago, but honestly, because of the change in her routine and her recent clingyness AND because I've been suffering with a cold and cough, I've been away from the PC a bit...sorry apologies for this late posting.

Drew started looking around when I was giving her her milk. She couldn't keep still. We thought she was showing an arty side as she seemed to like looking at the pictures on our wall...although her gaze at our wall art was always followed by a giggle. Either she knew we were having a hard time getting the teat in her mouth or she thought our choice of artwork was laughable. Probably both actually.

Drew was also waking in the early hours at about 2.00am, 3.00am, 4.00am and thumping her legs down inside her cot. A sure sign that she was still hungry...so we found out.

We weren't that keen on starting on her solids yet, but as everyone says...listen to your baby, they know what they want and will let you know and its very true.

We started her on baby rice (mixed with formula milk) and although the first few spoonfuls were met with a crumpled face and the entire contents of the spoon reappearing, sure enough, the baby rice started to go down well. After a week of baby rice for lunch, Drew was still showing signs of hunger, so we introduced a different flavour baby rice for breakfast - banana and orange. Whoa! Drew LOVES that!

Introducing two solid mealtimes seems to have done the trick. She still has her milk, but she is sleeping like a baby ('xcuse the pun) through the night. After two weeks of baby rice, I put Annabel Karmel into action and tried steamed pureed carrot. That was a winner too and she can't get it down quick enough!

Today, we introduced her first fruit puree (apple) and the face Drew pulled when she tasted it...it was like looking at Esther Rantzen!

I've since made Pear puree and Sweet Potato & Broccoli puree which we'll try after she's got used to the apple a bit more.

AND...Whoever invented using ice cube trays to freeze the puree is 'pure(e) Genius'...hee-hee!

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