Friday, February 22, 2008

Middle of the Night Dream Feed

Well, it must have been a growth spurt. Drew is back to normal. Feeding every 4 hours. BUT...after the dream feed at 11.00pm, she was still waking at 4.00amish for another feed. By now, I was hoping she would go straight through each night. So, armed with the advice of Gina Ford given to me by one of the postnatal girls, I was ready to give her water instead to get her out of the habit of expecting the milk at that time.

At 4.37am, Drew did her Stevie Wonder impression (turning her head from left to right with her eyes closed). Before I gave her the water, I put Colin back in. Drew continued with Stevie Wonder for the next 20 minutes and I had to put Colin back in quite a few times. In the end, rather than going back to bed, I got my pillows and a blanket and kipped on the floor next to Drew's cot, ready to catch Colin!

Well, I am pleased to say it worked a treat. Drew went back to sleep at just after 5.30am and didn't wake for her milk until 8.15am.

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