Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bite Me!

So, we get Drew into a brilliant schedule. Making us both look like we know what we're doing. Feeding every 4 hours. Feed - Activity - Sleep ... Feed - Activity - Sleep ... Feed - Activ....you get the gist of it.

As soon as Jerry had to work away overnight, Drew had an unsettled night the night before Jerry left at 6.30am. That night, Drew woke at 2.30am, then 4.30am, then 7.30am. I couldn't work it out. It seemed like she was fighting sleep.

It was only when I worked out how old she was I realised she must be teething and was probably in a bit of pain. I forget she's is now practically 4months old. I don't know where the time has gone. I hear new Mums say that ALL the time...but I know what they mean now. I still think of Drew as a newborn.

Exhausted and tired, Drew and I both managed to get through the day although we both struggled a bit. Drew struggled to have a few naps during the day and I struggled to have ANY nap during the day.

It's now 11.00pm and my plan to have an early night has gone to pot. I've only just finished my tea and even then, I had to fight off Barney, continually pop up to see Drew to calm her down, empty the dishwasher (a job I started at 9.45 THIS MORNING!) and make a note of the food I had eaten today for my Weight Watchers.

Drew was feeding at 2, 6 and 10. A 4hourly schedule, but its more like 3-3.5hours now. I found out that sucking on Colin could be adding to Drew's pain if she's teething but applying pressure to her gums helps. I did an emergency shopping trip early this evening and bought Bonjela Gel and Calpol Gel for Teething, a Teething Ring and Nelson's Teething Granules (recommended by Supernanny Jo Frost). I haven't used the Granules yet...I'll wait til it gets r e a l l y bad. A friend also bought me Bickiepegs and although it states 'use at 6months' on the packet, the reviews on the Internet suggest they can be introduced earlier if needed. Maybe the medical recommendation is because it could potentially be a choking hazard..you gotta' watch 'em ALL the time!

I gave Drew Teething Bonjela by putting on her gums and it did 'seem' to help. But, she was still doing her 'Stevie Wonder' impression when normally she would be asleep (7.30pm onwards). I gave a bit of Calpol, but she's fighting that too.

I can hear her on the monitor making little moany noises...but then again, if she's dreaming about the allowance Daddy gives Mummy now the maternity pay has kicked in, I'm surprised she's not moaning louder!

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