Thursday, February 14, 2008

3 Month Vaccinations, Growth Spurts & Comforters

I've just returned from the Docs. Drew had her 3-month vaccinations (Diptheria / Tetanus / Pertussis (whooping cough) Hib (flu-like symptoms), Polio and Meningitis C).

It's horrible having to hold her while they give the jabs. Worse still, Drew was asleep beforehand, so she was a bit cranky when I woke her up to be punctured twice! She screamed, cried and is now drifting in and out of sleep.

Drew had been great sleeping through at night ...a dream. During the day, she fed 5oz of formula every 4 hours. But over the last 2 days, she has demanded a feed every 2 hrs, even through the night. The HV suggested she could be getting me to do what she wants and it will continue if I let her. She said to ignore my baby all night by wearing headphones and listen to music. Not that keen to be honest.

I'm already using the no.2 extra hungry Aptamil formula, so not sure why she's still hungry. I have upped her feeds from 5oz to 6oz and she takes it, so I'll see how she gets on with that. Her little belly is way too early for solids, so not sure what else I can do. I'll suck it and see (excuse the pun!). I know she may be having a growth spurt, which can often occur at about two, three, and six months. If it is that, she will hopefully soon settle down again to an increased interval between her feeds. Thing is, the Midwives, Health Visitors and Nursey Nurse said Drew was
going through a growth spurt from day one! I think they use that line when they're not sure what it is!

Babies do "comfort suck" sometimes and appear to be demanding milk when they would perhaps settle for simply being cuddled and responded to in other ways. Drew has already shown signs of doing that which is why we introduced 'Colin The Comforter'. Colin works wonders!

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  1. Hi. I'm just up googling a bit since my baby hasn't slept through the night since his 12 week vaccinations. Uggh... It seems a little extreme since he was an amazing sleeper before hand. Doctors sure don't tell you about these side affects!