Sunday, December 19, 2010

You WILL enjoy the snow!!!!

So at last the snow has arrived. 18th Dec and we woke up to find our suburban plot had become a winter wonderland.

Opening the curtains in the girls bedrooms, both were clearly 'WOWed' by the soft white blanket covering our garden. Although, once our eyes adjusted to the dim awakening of dawn, nestling neatly in a deep hole was one of Barney's...
Christmas offerings!!

So, after breakfast, we sat infront of the flickering flames of our cosy warm fire. Christmas songs playing softly in the background. Then Daddy thinks it would be a good idea to go out in the snow with the sleigh we never used last year because all the stores ran out of stock.

Drew flatly refuses stating it's "warm and cosy in my house".

Daddy ignores Drew and all subsequent pleas from not only Drew, but me as well.

The girls cried as we got their winter woolies on and I even put two pairs of socks on both Harri and Drew.

As we ventured outside, Drew looked at the yellow plastic sleigh Daddy was pulling (with doglead attachment)...you could tell by her face she wasn't going to get on it.

Grumpy faces and protuding bottom lips ignored, Daddy pushed on calling for his troops to "keep up" pointing at the most far away position on the snow-covered field. Reluctantly, us girls followed Daddy's excited footprints, lagging a good 10ft behind, when Drew said she was cold. We'd not even got to where Daddy wanted us to be and already - a grade 6 whine from Drew.

Having persuaded Daddy that there was no difference between and area covered in snow, we finally came to a stop.

Daddy asked Drew if she wanted to climb aboard and was promptly met with "no. I'm cold".

To encourage Drew and humouring Daddy, I climbed on and he pulled me around in a big circle...that started Harri off on a top of the scale grade 10 thinking her Mummy was being kidnapped by a bobble-hat wearing snow-monster!!!

My little round trip still didn't convince Drew who had now moved up to a grade 8.

Undeterred, Daddy got Harri on the sleigh and pulled her around instead and thankfully, she loved it. As soon as I pulled her round, she fell backwards and her enjoyment ended there.

Drew finally gave in and climbed aboard with me behind her for security, not without reminding us how cold she was.

After a quick 10 second trip across the snow, Drew had had enough. "I want to go home. I'm cold" she reminded us again.

Looking at a red-nosed Harri, i echoed Drew's thoughts, but Daddy wasn't done. Ignoring his girls pleas to return home, Daddy, clearly annoyed, said "you will enjoy the snow!!"

Ignoring his outburst, we offered to pose for a photo to prove we got out there and then with both girls crying, I started back to the house.

Defeated, Daddy sighed and kicked the snow. He started a slow retreat home, looking longingly behind him at the other Daddies playing in the snow.

Back at the house, we all warmed our hands with cups of hot chocolate whilst Daddy gazed out the window with his nose squished against the glass.

It Reminded me of a scene from The Griswolds European Vacation when the Dad, Clark, drags his tired family from pillar to post, making them see and do everything in every city until in Paris, they crack.

If u haven't seen it...u should. We ARE The Griswolds!

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