Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Synchronised Poohing

As a parent, your bowels really do take second place in a household of nappy-wearing ankle-biters.

With both kids ready to go out the front door, I stupidly decided to have a last-minute no. 2.

However, I never even made it near the bathroom.

Drew & Harry must have read my mind.

First, I could hear Harry filling her nappy in her usual 'parpy' way and whilst changing her nappy and getting the contents out from under my fingernails, Drew had gone unusually quiet and left the room, only to return to advise me there was a pooh-pooh in her nappy. Great! I then chased Drew round the house as changing her nappy has become a game of cat and mouse. Having caught her hiding behind the coats, I changed her nappy. Then looked at the clock.

Too late for my pooh-pooh!

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