Friday, January 1, 2010

Drew Hartell - 2nd Birthday 2009

Just shows you doesn't it...time DOES move quicker the older you get.

Drew turned 2 years old on 8th Nov 2009 (last year now!).

If you've been reading my BLOG recently, you'll know November was 'November Nightmare' as both rugrats were ill, so her birthday was a bit of a forced affair.

We threw a party at our local soft play centre with all her friends there, but little Drew was tired and grumpy
through most of it. I wasn't so sure she would be aware what was going on anyway at such a young age, but at the point she sat down next to her giant pink number two (for those of you with the same brain as me, let me assure you I do not mean that Drew magicially produced a pink coloured bowel movement - see photo evidence below), and she saw all the party food, the balloons, the presents and her 'hot air balloon' birthday cake with candles, you could see by her face, she KNEW it wasn't just a normal get together. All eyes were on her.

I think the
icing on the cake for Drew was having 'Happy Birthday' sung to her and she could see we were all singing to her...she looked so embarrased and excited at the same time. I will remember that face forever.

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