Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Maybe a bit of a delicate subject to write about?

Nah. Not unless you've done your homework and got all the facts. Below is a link to ALL the information you'll need. I was going to copy and paste paragraphs from Brian Deer's investigation, but there is SO much information, its easier for me to provide you with the link, for which I have Brian Deer's permission.

Source: The MMR-autism crisis - our story so far - An investigation by Brian Deer

Drew had her MMR jabs a few weeks ago now and although a needle in each arm wasn't too pleasant for Drew to endure and me to watch, I feel happier that she's had it.

Unfortunately, I stupidly forgot to bring a treat to make her feel better as the tears started. Luckily, my friend, Yosh, and her son, Kaishu, were in the Doctor's waiting room and gave me an animal biscuit for Drew. Not a REAL animal biscuit...you know...like a doggie biscuit...I mean 'animal'-SHAPED biscuit. And thanks goodness Yosh gave us the biscuit! Instant cork!

Anyway, don't get anxious about giving your baby the MMR. READ the facts, then make your own decision.


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