Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Birthday

Our little 6lbs 9.5oz baby girl finally hit 12 months...which means we must be doing something right!

As everyone says the first 12 months go in a flash and I'm sure time will continue to go at the same fast pace, so we're trying to capture every moment.

Drew's routine is such that she demands to have a nap in the morning and the afternoon. Sometimes she drops the afternoon nap which means she sleep really well at night but also means we get the afternoon to do something fun together...I mean other than watching Dr Phil on UK Living.

So, Drew decided she wanted a joint birthday party with her antenatal mate, Kaishu, and so we threw THE best 1st Birthday Party at our house for Drew and Kaishu. The fun started at indoor softplay, swiftly followed by loads of party and drink galore. And for the kids...(hee-hee)...

Believe it or not, both Drew's Nanna and Kaishu's Nanna both made a chocolate hedgehog Birthday cake for the babies so there was a little competition of which was the spikiest! Unfortunately, Drew slept through most of the food, drinks and candle-blowing sections of the Birthday Party but did make a special appearance as her guests were leaving...probably to make sure no one nicked any of her presents. Of which she received toooooo many! Including her VERY first Trike from her Great Auntie Ceri & Great Uncle David! Drew loves it...albeit she can't touch the pedals, but she takes after me. I have to strap two paintpots to the bottom of my shoes when I drive a car.

Everyone was SO generous and she ended up with so many great toys and clothes, tha
t we had to buy additional toyboxes...lucky girl! We doing the old toy rotation trick at the moment so she doesn't get bored. I do the same with Jerry's pants.

So, check out her birthday photos and apologies that there aren't
many of Drew ...she was asleep!

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