Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back to Work


I'm peering out of the upstairs landing window. Watching the fireworks. It's November 5th. Drew's in bed, fighting sleep. Barney's not himself. He's not keen on the firework noise. He's trying to find comfort under Drew's cot. Probably licking one of her thrown away Colin's (pet name for comforter).

I wonder how many other people are doing the same thing. Not hiding under their baby's cot. Staying in I mean. On Bonfire Night. I always went out on November 5th. I love fireworks...now I just hope they don't get too loud and wake Drew. Who isn't even asleep yet.

Although I'm up her looking out the window, I'm in the middle of doing the ironing, making the tea, downloading a new version of ITunes (because my PC says I need to!), watching something on Sky +. But I'm upstairs because Drew has just started another teething phase. That, or she may have a cold. It's hard to tell these days.

But, she does have two lovely teeth at the top that have come through. Not the normal front teeth. Oh no. That would be too NORMAL. Drew's gone for one fang and one tooth next to that. No top front teeth to match her lovely bottom teeth. She looked great on Halloween.
I've just added some more books under the head of her cot, put Vicks on her chest, Olbas Oil on a muslin attached to cot and plugged in a vapour thingy. Oh and I've given her nasal drops to de-snotify her cute button nose. Poor thing. Mind you...I didn't say 'poor thing' when she was awake every 2 hours last night. That was fun. It didn't help that I went back to work last week and today was the start of my second week. However, us Super-Mums battle through it without batting an eye and STILL keep a home running...Now where's that Chinese Take Away menu...

So, I went back to work on 29th Oct. 3 days a week. Wed, Thurs, Friday. People ask 'do you miss Drew' and my answer is surprisingly 'No...til you mentioned her now'. I suppose I did think about her alot of my first few days. It probably didn't help that I had no PC connectivity so I couldn't get stuck into some work, but I managed to fill my time completing my 'Back to Work - Thingy Cos We Know You've got Baby Brain and We Need To Fill The Time It Will Take To Get You Back Online and Get Off Our IT *sses And Get You a Password For Your Computer - Induction Plan'. As I wasn't that busy, I caught myself looking at the clock a few times and thinking...she'll be having her lunch now...she'll be sleeping now...oh gawd! Will she even sleep without me?...will she behave?'...

Then your mind goes bonkers and you start thinking that you may have missed an emergency call from your childminder/nursery. You temporarily forget where you've put your baby's little red health and development record which you need in an emergency. You check your mobile phone has NHS Direct AND your GP number on it and then after battling against your inner feeling...you finally make that call.

You feel stupid doing it and then you feel even stupider when your told... 'She's fine. She's had a sleep and is now nibbling on a banana'. What was I worried about?

I'm thinking the worst and Drew's eating a banana!!

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