Thursday, May 22, 2008


We enrolled Drew in Waterbabies 5.5 weeks ago.

It's a 30minute weekly session held in a residential home's lovely warm swimming pool.

Babies have a real affinity with water, having spent their months in the womb suspended in fluid.

Apparently, as time progresses this confidence decreases. At between 10 and 15-months, babies can develop a fear of water if not already regularly exposed to it (source: Waterbabies website)

All babies have a ‘gag reflex’ - meaning they automatically hold their breath when their faces are submerged. This is at its strongest when they are under three months old but can be re-learned at any time through responding to voice commands. To see more photos CLICK HERE

Luckily, we've had no 'nappy accidents' as yet, but I'm sure if any baby will do it in our class, it will be Drew!

I'll keep everyone posted on Drew gets on as the weeks go by and
see below for a short video of Drew in action...


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