Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WORSE Groin Pain...hospital visit

So, there we were. Having a lovely Italian meal in a restaurant with my husband, his sister and his Mum...celebrating his Mum's birthday.

The groin pain / trapped nerve got steadily worse. So much so, I couldn't stop holding that area of myself to try to stem the pain. Jerry's sister bought me some paracetamols, but they didn't touch the pain.

I did as I was told and kept as still as possible, but I just guessed the trapped nerve was being flicked by the baby!

The pain got so bad, I went outside the restaurant for a walk. BIG mistake! It was much worse and I could hardly stand up.

At that point, Jerry helped me walk to the car which was excruciating. Each step sent a shooting pain from my groin down my leg. I didn't think the baby was coming, but it was just so worrying as the pain was that bad.

We left the restaurant, called NHS Direct for advice, who advised us to call the Hospital. The Midwives at the Delivery Suite of the Hospital suggested we should go in WITH our Yellow Book. If only I had taken my own advice and taken it with me that night!!!

Once we'd got our Yellow Book, at the hospital they asked lots of questions about the location of the pain, what it felt like and they checked the heartbeat of our baby which is normal procedure.

The baby was fine...it seemed to be me with the problem! But, there was no visible lumps, no rash, nothing to indicate anything was wrong.

The Hospital also were perplexed by the symptoms and also put this down to a trapped nerve which can be very painful. We stayed in the hospital for a few hours during the night so they could monitor me and the baby and then we were discharged early hours of the morning with the advice to take paracetamols when needed. Slighting annoying as I knew the paracetamols wouldn't help.

We had our first weekly Antenatal Class today too. Both of us went. It was held in our local Community Centre and we met other couples all at similar stages of pregnancy. The class was informative and taught us about the different stages of labour and was facilitated by one of Midwifes from our local surgery.

What was good was that our Midwife knew I had been admitted into hospital last night as they informed her this morning. Good communication!

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