Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grey Stuff

I'm very black and white.

If I am presented with a challenge or face a problem, I will always search out the answer. Try everything to correct it. If I can't fix it, it annoys the bajeebers outta me! That's when I apparently need to accept not everything IS black and white.

Harriet certainly is NOT black and white.

I have held back completing and returning my Health Visitor toddler check form confirming all is well in the world of Harriet Hartell. Because every day is a different story.

You might be thinking she's no different from anyone elses 2.5yr old, but to me...she's unique.

She's driving me slowly insane again. She's back in nappies day and night because she thinks it's funny to pee and pooh anywhere but the toilet or the potty.

She continually taunts her sister, biting her usually leaving poor Drew with a bite mark. Drew always forgives her though.

Advice I have been given:
1. ALWAYS be in the same room as them to help prevent an occurance.
2. If you witness a potential biting, grab her arm and stick it in the way of her mouth so she ends up biting herself.
3. ALWAYS deal with victim first - lots of over the top snuggles and attention, whilst moving the biter away and saying "biting is wrong".
4. Don't make a big deal of the biting with the biter. Say - its wrong - leave it that. Whilst also remembering to get the biter to say sorry.
5. Leave her in nappies until she's begging to have pants again.
6. Go shopping for new pants for the older child so the younger can see whats she's missing.
7. Don't get angry
8. Don't hold a grudge
9. Make sure they are stimulated. Biting can sometimes come from bordem...not always though!
10. Make sure they play separately.

So, tomorrow I'm going to give this 10point list a go even though some of it sounds impossible.

Any other suggestions???

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