Friday, September 2, 2011

OCD again!

I finally have an opportunity to update my BLOG. The main reason for this is because Harri has turned the biggest corner and we can understand what she wants.

She's a mischeivious little so-and-so and you can see her innocent little face masterminding some plan to take over the Hartell household and pull Drew's hair and chase the dog along the way.

So, we feel finally ready to let Harriet loose on the outside world, but the Home Office stipulated we take her out of the country. So, we are going to Spain.

We are currently in the car on our way to the Airport and Harriet has asked, no sorry, DEMANDED we all have our car windows down. Once down, she wants them up. Down, then up. Down then up. All of them.

Why allow her to have this control you ask?

If you know Harri, you will know this is the easiest option!

Bring on Spain!!!

(Poor, poor Spain)

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