Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Haircut

I've come to the conclusion that Drew's hair length is what held her up with her walking developing any earlier. No...really...hear me out! All her inner strength and motivation seems to have gone to growing her blond golden locks. Drew does have VERY long hair and for sometime she has looked like a cave woman (apart from when Nanna Sandra cut her fringe as an interim measure. Lucky that turned out okay...you should have seen what Barney looked like after his 'interim measure haircut' from Nanna Sandra...he nearly lost his manhood poor little thing! He's still in therapy now!

nyhoo...we couldn't avoid it any longer and I was having flashbacks of when I went to school with half my breakfast in my hair!

So, on 30th May 2009,
Drew had her first hair salon cutting experience and photos and a Certificate to prove it. My advice? Take lots of distracting toys and food!!!!

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