Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The True Meaning of Motherood

I have tried my best to embrace the real meaning of Motherhood.
I baked a cake.

Well, actually, if we're counting...I've baked two cakes.

I've come to the simple conclusion that I am not built for this purpose and give me a drill, drill bits and some wood and I'll build you a kitchen cabinet. no problem.

But cake-making?


My first cake didn't rise and although I didn't taste it, I am told it tasted abit 'chemical'. Yes, I put salt in it. Yes, I put baking powder in it and no, I didn't use self-raising flour, I used plain flower, but the baking powder makes it rise. But it didn't. Even the icing I made was too thin so it looked a bit see through and just dripped off the sides. I gave it to the office as a present :)

My second cake, created with full adult supervision from a cake-making expert with years of experience (my Mum), didn't rise either. No, sorry, that's wrong. It DID rise. To about 1.5cms high. On the good side, it tasted lush and we bumped it up with lots of fattening butter cream and it looks nearly like a proper cake.

Think I'll buy one next time.

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