Thursday, October 25, 2007

38 Weeks

  • Walked into the end of a kitchen cupboard (not on purpose!) and thought that would kick-start contractions. Got a funny mark on my bellybutton now.
  • I weigh 2 stone more than I usually do
  • Ricki Lake is SO boring and her voice goes straight through me
  • We're having a downstairs toilet being installed/built... in the last stages of being completed. Got the thumbs up from Building Regs for it today too – hooray!
  • I’ve got an ‘orrible cold and cough…just what you need at a time like this. Makes you feel ten times worse.
  • Learnt today that no matter what I’m feeling like, the baby is happy as Larry and has no snotty nose or annoying cough
  • Learnt today that the average weight gain for someone who is up the duff is 2stone…Phew! (wish I’d not had that Double-Decker for breakfast now)
  • Everyday, there are at least 4 daytime programmes dedicated to providing DNA tests. That’s about 4 people for every show. 16 x DNA test results a day. That’s 5824 x DNA test results a year (exc. Xmas). That’s a whole of people not using contraception. I blame the parents myself. Do you think I have too much time on my hands or something??
  • Sally Jesse Raphael looks like Sue Pollard…for those of you who remember her! (Hi-de-Hi Campers!)
  • Had a few ‘pains’ in the middle of the night which are just the first stages of labour and give me an indication that my cervix if getting ready to eject…nice.
  • Osteopath tomorrow…can’t wait! He’s a magic man with magic hands

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