Thursday, April 26, 2007

12 week scan

Yep, anyone who had kids a year or so ago will say "a 12week scan? I never had one of those!". Well, they do now. Its great though. It's THE first opportunity for you and your partner to see and hear what's going on and a chance for the health professionals to check on the Fetus, Heart, Movement, Pelvis, Amniotic Fluid.

The appointment is quick. In and out, but they do provide you with scans...don't do what we did though and laminate the scans so you can give copies to the grandparents to be. As they're negatives, the heat from the laminater instantly blacked out the whole scan!

As we decided to have an additional 'OSCAR' Test & Scan through BUPA, we were able to get replacement scans which were even better quality than the NHS hospital. We had to pay for this and our Private Health care doesn't cover us for maternity-related requests, but for our peace of mind, it was worth it and cost us about £200. It's usually advised to have this test as the mother's age increases, the risk goes up.

See my 'OSCAR' posting for more information on the OSCAR test.

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