Friday, June 22, 2007

20 Weeks

Had a routine 20week scan today.

They called it the 'anomaly scan' or mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan .

This scan is carried out in order to look for any abnormalities in the baby’s structural development and growth, and to check the position of the placenta.

They weren't able to check everything though as the little blighter was curled up in a ball! After taking the hospital's advice and walking up and down the fire exit stairs for 15mins with a practically full bladder...they checked again.

BUT...the baby was intent on staying in that position, so they sent us home and made another appointment for us to return the following week.

However, they did establish that the placenta was in a low position. Not really a problem at the moment, but they noted this and advised me that usually the placenta 'floats' up as the baby grows, but they will keep an eye on it to make it does move. Otherwise, if it stays just above the cervix, a C-Section maybe required.

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